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Jolis Baumes Organic fresh mint deodorant  deodorant 100% French ingredients

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Jolis Baumes Organic fresh mint deodorant  deodorant 100% French ingredients

Offer your customers a 100% French ingredient deodorant, zero waste for real

One pot corresponds to 3 months of use

Sunflower oil nourishes, soothes and has anti-oxidant properties. White clay has strong absorbent capacities and is therefore very effective in a deodorant. Beeswax and baking soda prevent bad odors without affecting your health

The synergy of essential oils used brings a discreet fresh scent

Use: Take a small dab of balm and apply on each armpit. Penetrate the balm into the skin. It will not leave a greasy texture. Just one coat is enough for all-day efficiency.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil *, beeswax *, white clay, baking soda, Geranium essential oil *, geraniol thyme essential oil, peppermint essential oil *. And that's all 

* ingredient from Organic Farmin

100% of the ingredients are Frenc

100% of the total is of natural origin

70% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming


The soap factory:

Our deodorants are made in France (in Auvergne), by hand.

Poured into their jar, our deodorants are then packaged by hand.

We respect, at each stage, the good cosmetic manufacturing practices given by the ISO 22716 standard.

Our workshop is declared to the ANSM (National Agency for Health and Medicines), to which French cosmetic manufacturers respond.

The packaging: a minimalist label, made from plant fiber. The labels are designated internally within the company in France. They are printed in France. The ink is eco-responsible. The labels are compostable and / or biodegradable.

The aluminum pot is light (thus reducing the carbon footprint of transport), guaranteed without transfer from the pot to the content, reusable and recyclable indefinitely.