About Us

Welcome to Polyester Saltburn. We are located in the popular Victorian seaside resort of Saltburn-by-the-Sea, where we teeter on the edge of a steep cliff overlooking the north sea. Saltburn was brought into being by the Quaker industrialist Henry Pease in 1858 who had a vision while out on a stroll in the farmers fields where Saltburn now stands. We love Saltburn's spiritual vibe and how welcoming and inclusive the town is to everyone regardless of background or beliefs. 

Our name, Polyester, is part love letter to Divine and John Walters and part homage to the indestructible fabric born of crimplene in the 1950s now inextricably woven into the north east's heritage via the nearby former ICI works. 
When we opened Polyester as a vintage shop (hence our love for old-school textiles) 5 years ago we were 100% eco friendly and part of the circular economy. You may not notice (that's good, we've done our job, right?) but today, as we have morphed into a more contemporary gift shop with an austere-fun retro vibe, we try to avoid single use plastic and excess packaging as much as humanly possible. We choose our stock carefully so that we are part of the solution rather than part of the problem. 
We sell a range of quirky wares, gifts and goodies at prices that everyone can afford and we are working on our own exclusive ranges of cards and gifts.
We are also proud stockists of Mama Mzungu products and we encourage you to check out their compelling story and to fill your basket with the Mama Mzungu range of fabulously fragranced all-natural vegan soap, body balms and lip balms.
In summer 2021 we created our own sock brand - forsocksake - small batch socks with a Teesside-seaside twist. You can find the range which includes parmos, lemon tops and fish & chips on the website. 
If you are coming to Saltburn ( and you really should - it's awesome) and thinking of visiting our bricks and mortar shop please check we are open via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/stuffwithastory. You can call us or Whatsapp us on 07446 348 929.