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Top Ten Gifts to celebrate sober birthdays and recovery milestones

Posted by Stella Coombe on

Sober? Alcohol free? Sober curious? Just completed dry January? You rock! Here are our favourite top ten gifts to encourage anyone who is celebrating their 1st (or 50th!) sober birthday.

If you have a friend, partner or family member in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction you might be wondering how to celebrate their sobriety milestones and what is the best gift for a sober birthday. 

People who are in a twelve step fellowship might be gifted a small engraved ‘chip’ from their group members to mark their period of abstinence, but what about people who are going it alone or doing it in another way? Other people might also want to celebrate being sober their own way - those who have just completed dry January, people who are sober due to their religion or are part of the growing sober curious movement. 

So, to celebrate recovery and sobriety - whether it's 24 hours, one year or 25 years, we have some awesome gifts for you to choose from which make perfect presents to celebrate sobriety. 

Sober AF socks
Sober as fuck socks. Alcohol free socks. Whatever, these retro style cotton rich socks are an awesome gift for anyone who is rocking being sober. Size 6-11, £6.99
Believe You Can candles

Your potential is endless.

Believe in yourself and your dreams can come true. Focus on positive thoughts and use the flame to unlock your potential.

100% non-drip pure beeswax, these candles burn cleanly with a gentle honey aroma for at least twenty minutes. 12 mini candles and a ceramic holder. £9.99

3. Serenity Prayer socks

Serenity Prayer socks

The Serenity Prayer is the go-to mantra for lots of people in recovery so these socks make the ideal gift for sober folk. Size 6-11, £6.99

4. You Rock! baby hand candle

You Rock! baby hand candle

Tell them they rock with this lifesize baby hand candle in pastel blue doing the horn. This candle replicates the size and texture of a rocking little baby hand. Available in blue and pink £12.50

5. Serenity Courage & Wisdom socks

Serenity Courage & Wisdom socks

Gift them a pair of fresh clean socks to celebrate sobriety. These socks are emblazoned with the three key words from the Serenity Prayer: Serenity, Courage & Wisdom. The serenity prayer is the mantra of choice for many people in recovery. Size 6-11, £6.99

6. Courage Iron On Patch

Courage Iron On Patch

This cool patch is super colourful and perfect for someone who is in need of some positive vibe + friendship and plenty of courage. £6.50

7. Empowermints


You can do it! And for the times they think they can't, Empowermints have got their back. These deliciously strong peppermints (in a tin) will give an extra boost when the going gets tough. £2.99

8. Courage Is Within jigsaw puzzle

Courage Is Within jigsaw puzzle

A really cool and beautifully illustrated typographical jigsaw puzzle celebrating the courage within and offering some mindful time out. £14.99

9. Temple Of Relax - Patchouli Shower bar

Apart from the amazing scent, the round tops on this shower bar bar provide a blissful massage while nourishing argan oil and shea butter give skin a divine glow. Vegan. Made in Belgium. £7.50

10. Wake Up Kick Ass Repeat women's crew socks

Wake Up Kick Ass Repeat women's crew socks

Wake Up Kick Ass Repeat women's crew socks. A pair of badass socks to celebrate her sobriety milestone. Fits UK shoe size 4-8. £8.50


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