Sugarland Kitty Love coin purse

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Sugarland Kitty Love coin purse

You'll perk right up with this fun-sized vintage-inspired coin purse. Here kitty, kitty, you're certainly pretty! If you are a proud member of the 'Sweetness Society', raise your paw high, and remember anyone can apply! The flowers featured in orange, pink & white, well they make this kitty look just right! Ocean blue is on one side and lively pink on the next, making this polka dot pattern clearly the best.



Made from 100% vegan, leather-like material. Lined with a joyful, fuchsia pink satin.

4. 4" wide x 4½" high

Silver Plated two-piece, sturdy trim kiss clasp ball closure.

Artwork by celebrated artist, Fiona Hewitt.