Tattoo Care Gift Set: Soap and Face & Body Balm

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Tattoo Care Gift Set: Soap and Face & Body Balm

Look after your new tattoo with this gift box containg a bar of Special Tattoo unperfumed Soap (100g, handmade) + one jar of Special Tattoo Face & Body balm (50ml, 90% Recycled Glass Jar)

Real handmade cold-pressed soap: 100% French (100% of the ingredients and the manufacturing!)

Surgras soap is obtained exclusively with organic olives from olive trees cultivated under traditional conditions that respect the environment in the south of France. The olive oil is of high quality because it is obtained in the pure artisanal tradition. No more industrial import oils! Traditional olive oil gives low foaming but very soft soaps! The soap par excellence for the most delicate skin because it softens and protects it.



- GLYCERINE (naturally formed) and nothing else!


How to use it to take care of your new Tattoo?

From the 2nd day, clean the tattooed area with soap and lukewarm water. Do not put the jet of water directly on the tattoo.

1) Gently wet the tattoo.

2) Rub the soap under running water between your hands.

3) Gently massage your tattoo.

4) Rinse and dry by patting lightly with a clean towel or absorbent paper.


Face & Body Balm - 100% Shea butter (FRAGRANCE-FREE)

50ml balm. Glass jar 90% Recycled.

Real ultra-concentrated care 100% PUR Organic and fair trade Shea Butter.

Nourishes, hydrates and limits itching on your newly tattooed skin.


- Organic and fair trade shea butter (Fair For Life standard)