Skin Bar Gift Set - Grapefruit and Lemongrass-Mint

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Skin Bar Gift Set - Ginger & Cinnamon

A spicy gift set (perfect for treating your mum this Mother's Day) containing a ginger skinbar and a cinnamon lip balm both presented in a colourful gift box.

This set is 100% natural, palm oil-free and is an alternative to existing skin care kits.

With the purchase of one Skin Bar Pack, you help conserve 53 m2 of rainforest.


Skin Bar

A body cream in a stick, so handy! Simply rub the stick over your skin, and that's it! This skin bar has the scent of ginger and makes your skin feel super soft.


Lip Balm

A lip balm for every day, all day long. In the smell of cinnamon, nice for the winter months

FAT FOREST uses ingredients that naturally grow in the rainforest. They are carefully harvested by the local population, without affecting the rainforest. They live and work in balance with nature and play an active role in protecting the richness of the rainforest. In this way it becomes a sustainable source of income for them.

Fat Forest wants to change the skin care industry with this sustainable alternative, and stop deforestation. Because you choose this FAT FOREST product, you help the rainforest on Borneo and its inhabitants. We are wild by nature.m.