Outlaw's Garage Pumice Soap

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Outlaw's Garage ...

For those with true grit. You asked and we answered - Outlaw's Garage Handmade Soap for those who live hard and are rugged.

Outlaw's Garage Handmade Soap has the grit to get rid of all that grime. We know Outlaws need a soap that works as hard as we do. A soap that gets off grease, paint, oil, soot, and all manner of other filth achieved by years of dedication to badassery.

When elbow grease meets actual grease you need a shop-smellin' soap with true grit.

Don't you love the smell of gasoline, oil, and sure, a little exhaust?

It's the smell of DOING THE WORK.

It's handmade pumice soap designed to quickly wash away even the most stubborn grease, oil, whatever-the-heck-you've-been-playing-in ... and best of all, it smells like gasoline, motor oil, and exhaust (just like a shop smells!).

Habdmade in America by Outlaw.