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Outlaw Scent Soundtrack: Fire in the Hole Mini Cologne & Soap Gift Set

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Outlaw Scent Soundtrack: Fire in the Hole Mini Cologne & Soap Gift Set

The music swells The hero enters It’s the legend: Unmistakable. Unforgettable. Where they enter, glances become whispers, whispers become stories, and stories become lore. When they leave, the music follows. It’s a tune in a memory.

It’s impractical to hire musicians to follow you around (trust me, it’s a mood killer). You’re much better off with Outlaw’s Scent Soundtrack.

Not only does a scent soundtrack create an ambiance everywhere you go, you don’t have to explain a five-piece band to your love interest.

Fire in the Hole was concocted to remind us of our favorite activities: camping & rousing rabble. It smells like campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush and excitement.

What does it smell like? If you come back from a great -- and I mean a GREAT - camping trip, and you wish you didn't have to wash your clothes because they smell like the kind of memories, you'd never want to forget... well, take that scent, and make it into something you'd actually wear on the regular.

But before you think we fancied it up into some snooty cologne, rest assured, it smells like campfire, gunpowder, whiskey, sagebrush, and more. But it doesn't smell like that "good enough for the guys I hang out with" wet wipe armpit smell... and that's what makes it good for those times you have to interact with regular people.

Made in the USA

Vegan. Plastic-free packaging.