On The Sauce Chilli Mash Company 3x 150ml Boozy Chilli Sauce Gift

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On The Sauce: Boozy Chilli Sauce Gift

On The Sauce – Chilli Sauce Gift Set features heaps of chilli, lovingly infused with your favourite tipple – a match made in heaven.This ‘Boozy’ Chilli gift set contains 3 Flavours & Heat Levels. Mild Tequila, Jalapeño, Cactus and a Citrous punch | Gin, Scotch Bonnet, Lemon and Garlic with a medium kick | Rum, Habanero Chilli, Red Peppers with a kick.Hot Grog – Chilli & Rum Hot Sauce – 150mlHot Shot – Jalapeno Chilli, Tequila & Cactus Hot Sauce – 150mlMother’s Ruin – Gin & Chilli – Delicious Fermented Gin and Scotch Bonnet Chilli Sauce – 150ml

All three products are vegan & vegetarian friendly.

Made entirely from ingredients which are naturally allergen free.