Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Extra virgin and miraculous olive oil!

Will solve all your problems: fidelity, luck, love, work, happiness. Ok, maybe not, but it will definitely season all your recipes perfectly!

This Virgin Mary shaped glass bottle will make a perfect gift and they'll never want to throw it away (win-win!) Comes boxed 

Spanish extra virgin olive oil. PDO Siurana oils are recognized as being among the best in Spain. The oil has been produced in the region of Tarragona in Catalonia for over a thousand years. The olives are picked by hand and ground within 24 hours, using a traditional method.

Keep cool and away from light.

Dimensions: 20 cm (h) 

Net weight: 0.6 kg

Capacity: 100ml


List of ingredients

Huile d'olive d'Espagne: AOP Siurana