British Slang cards by Lingo

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British Slang cards by Lingo

Play Cards, Pick Up a Language - This is the most original and innovative way to learn a new language by combining both the fun of playing cards mechanics with the familiar flashcard aesthetics.

• Each set functions like a standard deck of cards with 4 suits of 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers each deck contains 54 of the best and most useful British slang phrases. It will help build or expand your vocabulary so you can fit in with the locals.

• Countless Ways To Learn and Enjoy - You can now play and learn with all of the standard card games like Poker, Black Jack, Spoons, Rummy, Go Fish, Memory, Crazy Eights, Hearts and Solitaire.

• Premium High-Quality Deck - Made from the best quality materials to ensure each card's durability and longevity. Also includes a unique and colorful box for easy carry when traveling.