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Horn comb for beards - knuckle duster style

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Horn comb for the beard - Brass Knuckles Small Model

The brass knuckles model S horn comb is the beard comb for bad boys. Inspired by the 6th category prohibited weapon, this horn comb makes you a grooming expert.

Ideal for the specific maintenance of mid-length beards from 1.5 to 8 cm.

Its grip is easy and practical for combing your beard as well as your hair.


Details and dimensions: 9*5 cm. It has 13 teeth, 1.5 cm high and 1.5 mm apart.

Also available in large format.

Your beard comb is delivered in a cotton pouch and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity as well as our instructions for use.

The beard provided that it is well maintained and assumed gives to the physiognomy of the man a character of force and gravity which allows them to affirm their personality.

A horn comb is the ultimate accessory for maintaining and taming a rebellious beard. The keratin contained in the horn makes it possible to style it without creating static electricity.

The beard comb will be an essential ally in your quest for a structured and disciplined beard, use it with our beard oil and our beard balm for optimal results.

A beard comb is designed to last a lifetime provided you give it quality maintenance, for example by moisturizing it with our Kraken beard oil or another oil of your choice such as coconut oil, oil castor or argan oil. Find all our advice on the choice of the horn comb as well as on its maintenance and protect it with its leather case.



Why choose a horn comb?

Unlike plastic, the horn is a material that will last over time, do good for your hair and the planet!

Real essential care for the maintenance of the beard, the regular use of your horn comb will make your hair homogeneous and silky. Horn is a natural material with antistatic properties that has been used for millennia. Composed of keratin, it will take care of your beard and your hair.

The brass knuckles model S horn comb is made in France.

Each comb is unique as it is made from different horns and is designed to last a lifetime.

Dimensions: 8 * 6.2cm

Net weight: 20g

Composition: 100% natural horn