Netflix & Chill - Dirty Cow Chocolate - perfect for Saturday night snacking

Posted by Stella Coombe on

With twelve different bars of Dirty Cow Chocolate in stock it was a hard choice to decide which one to try (tough job, I know). Since it was Saturday night it made sense to opt for Netflix & Chill. 

If the terms 'plant based' and 'vegan' in the same sentence as chocolate are a bit of a no-no for you, fear not - it doesn't taste 'vegan,' if you know what I mean. Besides, you've always been a fan of dark chocolate it's not really that big a deal because like me, you've probably been eating plant-based chocolate all along without even realising it. 

The thing I loved about Dirty Cow Chocolate is that it felt quite luxurious - not your standard chocolatey snack. The reverse side of the bar was embossed with popcorn which gave it it's Neflixy vibe and I really enjoyed the mixture of delicious creamy dark chocolate and popcorn while watching our Saturday night movie.

Thelma and I did sharesies and half a bar each was plenty between us - we didn't feel hard done to. I'd recommend this chocolate to anyone who enjoys dark chocolate - whether you're vegan or not - it's really enjoyable. Not too sweet but definitely not bitter and much creamier than I expected. An added feel-good factor is that all the packaging is recyclable/compostable so it's a guilt-free pleasure with all the fuzzy feels. You can find Netflix & Chill here (lots of other varieties are also available on our website and in our Saltburn shop) £3.50 per bar. 


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